Wellness Workshops

Wellness + Corporate Workshops

We offer wellness workshops throughout the Bay Area that focus on teaching mindfulness, values exploration, stress management, and communication skills. Our workshops are highly experiential and can be supportive in workplaces to enhance team collaboration and increase productivity. Workshops are individually tailored to meet the needs of your organization.


Mindfulness in the Workplace.

Research has increasingly shown mindfulness as a powerful tool to combat stress, anxiety, and burnout in high demand work environments. Mindfulness can optimize job performance, concentration, clarity and focus. Mindfulness skills can help people effectively manage stress and sustain energy while at work.

Benefits of bringing mindfulness into your business:

Sustained Energy Levels

Heightened Emotional Intelligence

Acquisition of Conflict Resolution Skills

Higher Job Satisfaction + Retention

Prevention of Burnout

Enhanced Communication Skills

Improved Team Collaboration

Increased Motivation + Resiliency


Training Options

1 - 2 Hour Single Sessions

Day-Long Seminars

Training Series Packages (4-8 sessions | 30-90 min. each)

Ongoing Individual + Group Consultation